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Welcome to our home of art

Parashpathar is a group that consists of some enthusiasts whose passion in life is to create something new and different. We are trying to be successfull with the blend of tenders, teenagers and young generation.

It is for all..not only young ones but oldies also can have a sip of it. with our growing intimacy with computer "Abosor" will help us to enjoy the great literature in forms of drama, shortstory, novels, poems and many more.Its initiative is to remind us about that great habit of reading classy writings. Please share your valuable opinions with us....

See our click to exprees of our golden Kolkata, Bengal and India.

We have introduced the blog and forums, named ADDA ZONE, to discuss on the current social issuses in which everyone can join and shear there golden thoughts with the full freedom. Our forum's members are also can entires their blog with free pen.